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I'm never as sad as I sound.

A clean, crisp, bite of ballyhoo.

Cullen Ryan
18 April 1980
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I live in Wisconsin.
I'm married.
I have a son named Stuart and a daughter named MaryAlice.
We bought and are/were rennovating a house.
I'm work full-time. I'm a full-time student.
That's about it.
absinthe, adbusters, adult swim, alexander payne, annoyance, baseball history, bedhead, belle and sebastian, bill hicks, bog bodies, boxing, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, clyfford still, cremaster, david bowie, david cross, deadwood, deerhoof, democracy, diane arbus, documentary film, dodo birds, donovan, drawing, dreaming, ellipses, emma goldman, errol morris, espresso, father ted, fiery furnaces, foreign films, francis bacon, franz kafka, george orwell, godspeed you! black emporer, henry darger, history, howard zinn, iceland, ira glass, ireland, jim jarmusch's hair, joe tex, jonathan glazer, karaoke, kenzaburo oe, kids in the hall, kilmainham gaol, kobo abe, kurt vonnegut, labor history, lars von trier, lemony snicket, lost, lynne ramsay, magnetic fields, magnolia, making breakfast, marcel dzama, margaret atwood, mark ryden, marx brothers, michael haneke, minnesota twins, mogwai, monty python, mother jones, nan goldin, nefarious roustabouts, neil diamond, nick drake, npr, painting my fingernails, pajama pants, playing with babies, progressive politics, queer issues, reading, riget, rock and roll, rothko, rupert giles, ryu murakami, sam peckinpah, satchel paige, scrabble, shy folks, sigur ros, simpsons, six feet under, smoking, socialism, sopranos, soviet propaganda, special olympics, strangers with candy, takashi miike, tate modern, the clash, the office, the who, theodore roosevelt, tod browning, todd solondz, tom waits, trivial pursuit, twin peaks, ty cobb, velvet underground, vodka, werner herzog, world war i